Karotten-Joghurt Brot

    Easy Carrot-Yogurt Bread with Chia Seeds

    Easy homemade bread recipe!

    Do you love fresh, fluffy crusty bread? Then my carrot-yogurt bread is just right for you. Golden brown and crispy on the outside and wonderfully soft and juicy in the inside. Even beginners can bake bread in a clay pot. The clay lid protects the bread from burning, even at high temperatures and gives the crust an even, golden-brown crust without burning.

    Carrot-Yogurt Bread with Chia Seeds


    • 150g Carrots
    • 450g spelt flour (type 630)
    • 50g rye flour (type 1150)
    • 1/2 packet dry yeast (4g)
    • 2 tablespoons chia seeds
    • 2 teaspoons salt
    • 100g yogurt (or soy yogurt)
    • 2 teaspoons honey (or sugar beet syrup)


    Preparation time: 10 minutes

    Rising time: 2 hours

    Baking time: 65 minutes


    Schritt 1 Peel and finely grate the carrots. Mix together spelt flour, rye flour, yeast, chia seeds and salt.
    Add grated carrots, 240ml lukewarm water, yogurt and honey. Knead for 5 minutes using a kitchen machine. Cover the dough and let it rise in a warm place for 90 minutes.

    -> Be careful, the dough is very soft and can not be kneaded with your hands!
    Schritt 2 While the dough rests, fill the Roman pot and the lid with cold water and let it soak for at least 30 minutes. Then slightly dry with a cloth and cover the bottom of the clay pot with parchment paper. Pour the dough into the pot, cover and let rise for another 30 minutes. Score bread with a sharp knife. Put lid on top and place in cold oven.
    Schritt 3 Bake at 240°C top-bottom heat, on the lowest rack, for 55-60 minutes. After the baking time, remove the lid and bake the bread at same temperature for another 5-10 minutes. When the bread is done, let it cool on a wire rack.
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