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DIY golden eggs

I didn´t write a DIY post in a long time… But now it´s time again. My mother bought me some gold foil. And I´m definitely in love with that stuff. I could almost apply that gold leafs to everything in my apartment:-) I´m hooked on gold… Even my wood panel which I normally use for my photographs got a fancy new surface.

Have fun with my step by step, fall in love with gold tutorial…

You need:

–   1 egg or as much you like to color:-)

–   paint ( I used white wall paint – leftovers from our last refurbishing )

–   gold foil

–   application glue ( a special glue for gold leafs )

–   fine brush

–   patience 😉



Poke a small hole at the bottom of an egg. Peel back the edges and expand the hole a little bit, to get out the yolk. Rise the inside of the egg with warm water. Let the egg dry on a paper towel.

DIY golden eggs

Color the egg with your favorite color and let dry. For coloring the egg I used a chopstick, which I stuck through both holes. That way it´s much easier to get the paint on the egg:-)
After the egg is dry my favorite part is coming. Apply a small amount of glue on the egg, spread well using the brush and transfer a piece of gold leaf.
Make sure the gold is solid pressed on. Continue until you are satisfied with the result.

DIY golden eggs

Let the egg dry one more time. While you are waiting write down the message, you want to hide in the golden treasure. If you increase the hole on one side of the egg you´re able to put bigger items inside, like a ring or something like that. At last seal the holes with some more paint and gold foil.

DIY golden eggs

This is a special gift wrapping for a special person. The presentee gonna love it…


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  1. Sabrina, I don’t know why I have never seen your blog before! I am SOO looking forward to recreating these sweet eggs for the upcoming Easter Season! Thank you for this incredibly classy & kind share 😀

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