spicy radish couscous salad

Ich liebe Picknicks. Entspannte Atmosphäre, köstliches Essen, eiskalte Getränke, Sonne, wolkenloser Himmel... Ich kann mir nichts schöneres vorstellen;-) Wenn es da nicht immer wieder diese kleinen Eindringlinge gäbe, die mir meine Köstlichkeiten streitig machen wollen. Ich bin wirklich keine pingelige Person, aber Käfer in meinem köstlichen Couscous Salat?

ornamental cake roll

My mum, she´s an artist, a poet and the best mum in the world. I know everybody says that about their mother, but it´s truth. She loves painting and writing. My mum is not an artist in the kitchen, not at all, but she can turn simple words into something special, within minutes. My sister and I loved to listen to her made-up bed night stories;-)

 ♥ ♥ 

Meine Mutter ist eine Künstlerin, eine Dichterin und die Beste Mama der Welt. Ich weiss, jeder behauptet das von seiner Mutter, aber es ist wahr. Sie liebt die Malerei und das Schreiben. Eine Küchenfee ist meine Mutter nicht, nie im Leben, aber dafür kann sie ein paar einfache Worte, im Handumdrehen, in etwas ganz Besonderes verwandeln.

raspberry brownie cakes

This time there are no words needed.These little berry-fruity-chocolate dreams made me forget about the missing spring, the shameless cold temperatures and my unbelievable sweet new neon yellow ballarinas which are still waiting in my closet for the first sunshine. What about you???

♥ ♥ ♥

Diesmal bedarf es keiner Worte. Diese kleinen-berrig-fruchtigen Schokoladen Träumchen haben mich sogar den fehlenden Frühling, die unverschämt kalten Temperaturen und meine neuen, unglaublich süßen, neongelben Ballerinas vergessen lassen, die in meinem Kleiderschrank auf den ersten Sonnenschein warten. Was ist mit Euch???

Double Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

Double Chocolate Crinkle Cookies... Finally "Post aus meiner Küche" hosted a new round of kitchen adventures. It´s all about baking and cooking for a selected swap buddy you don´t know before. This time childhood memories was the theme. After a lot of baking, laughing, swearing like a trooper, I´m done! I made something to satisfy the memories of the little german american girl in me. Yep, I´m a mixed chick and yep, it had to be something american! Cookies, brownies and muffins have been a big part of my childhood. Of course I remember mum´s incredible delicious german marble cake. Rarely baked, made it even more delicious.

Thanks mum! Double chocolate crinkle cookies, oreo cake pops and garlic thyme sticks, got me and my sister, both of us confessing chocolate junkies, under control. Garlic thyme sticks and a kids coke made us feel like a million dollars.

caramel pecan buchteln
Caramel Pecan Buchteln, I love them you can enjoy them hot or cold. Fluffy dough topped with nutty caramel sauce, turnes your world upside down:-) But the best about them, after an annoying week, you lose all your stress by kneading the dough, punching it trough the kitchen:-) The more you knead, the better the dough is going to be. A new way of baking with love;-) (recipe inspired by LECKER Bakery magazine) ♥ ♥ ♥
Buchteln ich liebe sie, heiß oder kalt - sie sind immer gut zu Dir.

milka donut cookies

Last time I promised you a cookie recipe. After Cookie Monster, and his "Me want cookie" it had to be a cookie post.;-) So here you are. It's not just a classic chocolate chip cookie recipe, it's a Milka-Philadelphia explosion, dressed up like a donut. A donut cookie dream. Philadelphia with Milka, what a wonderful combo. I just found it last time while strolling through the supermarket. (one of my favorite things to do, while I'm searching for new inspiration)

lava cake

Caution explosive!!!;-) These lava chocolate cakes are hot, not just because of their soft center. The raspberries flavoured with chili makes it so special. In my opinion there is no better combination. An affair of sweet and spicy. For this incredible dessert it doesn´t take much. Easy to prepare and even easier to impress. You´re gonna be hooked on this cake...;-) ♥ ♥ ♥ Achtung Explosionsgefahr!!!:-) Diese Lava Schokoladenkuchen sind heiß, nicht nur wegen des zart schmelzenden Kerns, sondern auch wegen der feurig, heißen Chili-Himbeersoße, die sie umgibt.

coconut chocolate cake

Frosty the snowman loves chocolate cake as much as I do. That´s for sure! Isn´t he cute? A little snowman standing on top of a chocolate cake. Frosty is made of marzipan, coconut flakes and a saturday boredom. Everything  about this little man is edible, even his sticks made of thyme. Living in this winter-wonder-coconut-land, he´s never gonna melt:-) The only problem he has, he is to delicious and his cake too... Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year...
♥ ♥ ♥
Frosty, mein kleiner Schneemann, liebt Schokolade genauso viel wie ich. Soviel steht mal fest. Ist er nicht süß? Ein kleiner Schneemann, thront weit oben auf einem Schokoladenkuchen.

tipsy angel wings

Sugar cookies can be simple, but you can also turn them into something special. So I did.:-) From my last kitchen experiment I still had a tiny little bit of vanilla caramel liqueur left. Together with some confectioner´s sugar it´s a real great combo for a new release of sugar cookies. And finally I had a chance to try out my lovely new cookie cutters, which I bought last week at the Christmas market.